Thursday, March 17, 2011

Daily fish - Hagfish

Todays fish is a weird one. The Hagfish, an ugly, slimey little eel lookalike that wants to be loved, but can never find happyness since it's far too greasy for it, like a 14 year old with acne.

This Hagfish is failing an attempt to hide under a rock so you wont judge it. But the Hagfish is used to failure, and it will only get worse when it enters its college years. Poor Hagfish.

This particular Hagfish you may remember from the tv series "I'm a Hagfish, please kill me."
Despite it's disgusting slimyness and regular penis like texture, or maybe because of those factors, Koreans think of the hagfish as a delicacy, because Koreans will eat anything and consider it a delicacy.

An adult hagfish can secrete enough slime to turn a 20 litre (5 gallon) bucket of water into slime in a matter of minutes. Lets face it, the Hagfish is like an ugly 2 year old with a cold, and if there was a god in this world, he's certainly not loving.


  1. it's cute :< I won't judge it

  2. You actually made me laugh with this post, well done!