Monday, March 28, 2011

Minecraft Online

If you want to play minecraft on cracked servers, you'll need to go to

(Please observe that you'll need to delete any existing minecraft installation before following these steps)

Follow these steps to get up and running with Mineshafter:

  1. Make sure that you have a account (paid or not, doesn't matter).
  2. Login to AND mineshafter (click the login button in top right of page)
  3. Link your account to mineshafter.
  4. Upload a custom skin if you want one.
  5. Upload a custom cloak if you want one.
  6. Download the client proxy.
  7. Start the proxy program, it will use the Minecraft launcher in the current directory or use the latest one from if you don't have one. (for the best performance with this method, make sure to delete all traces of your former minecraft installation)
  8. Login with your credentials.
  9. You're client will update if not already at the latest version.
  10. Search around for a cracked server to play on, there's several lists (try searching for "minecraft cracked server")

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