Thursday, March 24, 2011

Daily fish - Pure evil

Welcome to yet another fish related post. Today we will discuss the most evil creature on this earth, a creature known to terrorise the stomachs of anyone who, in a moment of weakness, makes the mistake of ingesting it.
Ohai, we're gonna rape your digestive system.
I am of course talking about the foul, smelly thing known as..TUNA!
Even the Hagfish fears the tuna, and is often seen hiding from even mentioning the name of this foul hellfish that is the tuna.

There are over 48 species of tuna that we can skin alive and wear as funny little hats before we burn them, so we have our work cut out for us.
Unlike this particular Tuna, which we have already cut.

 The next time you eat a can of tuna, remember that 2 out of 5 tuna's will have ingested large amounts of mercury just to fuck with you. Meanwhile the rest are actually already dead and rotting, and only keep moving out of spite and in the hopes of getting caught in some poor fishermans web so they'll be sold on to a fish market so they can rape your stomach.
These hellspawn "fish" are currently waiting for the sweet day when they will be consumed by someone stupid enough to eat them without proper safety gear at a certain fish market. However, they didn't count on my newfound fire skills...
And so it was that the fish market was no more.
Now lets take up arms and eradicate this plague once and for all, it's what humans are best at after all... MAKING SHIT DEAD!

(ps: sorry that i havent been posting lately, i have been busy researching the effects of napalm on certain water dwelling creatures)